IR communication bidirectional

Two devices which both can send as well as receive information is what we needed in order to let our robot communicate with a station. cover iphone This station will make a user able te set parameters from a distance.

In an earlier post the transceiver devices were discussed. cover samsung custodia Now there's also a suiting program that has been developped.


This movie shows that the two devices are working. iphone custodia outlet A user, that controls the station connected to the first trancsceiving device, is able to prompt commands. cover shop online By fabricating useful commands he can control parameters used by the second device. iphone cover outlet In this example the user sends commands that make one LED turn on or off. iphone 8 plus custodia outlet Also the brightness of the other LEDs (red, green, yellow) can be controlled. Furthermore data are sended back to the first device and are shown to the user.

In the future robot commands will imply setting Kp, Ki and Kd values, needed for the
PID regulation. samsung custodia These parameters match with setting the brightness of the red, yellow and green LED that we now used in the test.

Infrared communication tested & working

Using 2 Arduinos we succeeded to make 2 devices communicate. custodia iphone The first device, an Arduino uno, transmits information using an infrared LED. cover iphone 8 custodia outlet The second device, samsung custodia original an Arduino mega 2560, is able to receive this information by the use of an IR receiver.

The IR receiver we are using works with a carrier frequency of 40 kHz.

Scheme transmitting device:






Scheme receiving device:








Used components:
- High power infrared emitting diode:
- IR receiver:
- Green LED:
- Resistor: 10 ohm
- Resistor: 68 ohm

In the next video you can see how it looks like:

The first device sends messages with the following composition: Groep10, bericht x. iphone 7 custodia outlet Those messages are received by the second device.

Maybe you’ll notice that not always the right information is received. iphone cover outlet This is due to the fact that an infrared beam can’t get around obstacles, cover custodia samsung for instance our filmmaker.